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Accessing Your Website Using SSH (Secure Telnet)

You can access your website using SSH. SSH works just like Telnet except that the transmissions are encrypted. We do not allow simple Telnet connections because they are not encrypted and therefore pose some security risk.

We highly recommend a Freeware SSH client called PuTTY. Below are the screen shots for configuring PuTTY for connecting to your site. If you choose to use a different client, the client must support SSH Protocol 2 and 3DES encryption.

1. Start the PuTTY program and enter your domain name as the "Host Name", and click the "SSH" button.
    (Make sure that "Session" is highlighted in the "Category" selection box to display these settings.)

2. Click the plus sign (+) in front of the "Connection" settings to display the "SSH" settings if they are not already displayed. Click the "SSH" settings in the "Category" selection box to display the SSH settings. Click the "2" button under the "Preferred SSH protocol version:" settings, and insure that "3DES" is the selected algorithm. Click the "Open" button to start the SSH session with your website.

3. Enter your Administrator login id and password at the prompts to login to your site.

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